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society in all respects. Events again proved that no difficul▓ties or obstacles can impede the course of the great r▓ejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The past year

was trul▓y extraordinary and inspiring. We held a grand celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of ▓New China. The outstanding achievements we made in that time have greatly boosted the confidence and prid▓e of the people, strengthened the cohesiveness of the Chinese nation, and raised China's international standin▓g and influence. All this definitely encourages us to cont▓inue to forg


  • s head on, worked tenaciously, and responded c
  • almly t▓o the impact of the global financial crisis u
  • nder the firm▓ leadership of the Communist Party
  • of China (CPC). Our economy was the first in t
  • he world to have made a turnaround, and we

made major ne

e ahead on the path of socialism with C▓hinese characteristics. Over the last year, we mainly▓ undertook the following work. 1. Strengthening and improv▓ing macro-control and promoting steady and rapid economic de▓velopment. We

Johnny - w achievements in

reform and

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carried out a proactive fiscal policy and a m▓oderately easy monetary policy. We comprehensively ▓implemented

and constantly improved the package plan for addressing the global financial crisis. We significantly increased government spending, implemented structural ta▓x reductions, ra

pidly increased supplies of money and cred▓it, made our monetary policy more sustainable, and increased the amount of direct financing. We thus ensured fundi▓ng for economi

opening up as w

c and social development, effectively boosted domestic demand, and quickly reversed the slowdown in ▓economic

growth. We vigorously expanded consumer s▓pending. Our policies to encourage consumption covered more areas, were stronger and benefited more people than▓ ever before. The central government provided 45 billion yuan in subsidies for rural residents to purchase home appliances and motor vehicles, including motorbikes. Part of the subsidies also supported trading-in old motor vehicl

  • ell as socialist modernization▓. GDP reached
  • 33.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.7% ove▓r the pre
  • vious year (here and below). Fiscal revenue was 6.
  • 8▓5 trillion yuan, up 11.7%. Grain production w
  • as 530.8▓2 million tons, a new record and a

n increase for

es and home appliances for new ones and purchasing agricultural ▓machinery and tools. We halved the purchase tax on small-displacement automobiles. We reduced or exempted taxes on buying and selling homes to

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the sixt▓h consecutive year. A t

ehicles were sold, an increase of 46.2%; commodity housing sales amounted to 937 millio▓n square meters, up 42.1%; and total retail sales of consumer goods increased 16.9% in re

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otal of 11.02 million urban jo

vestment. We guided and sti▓mulated non-government investment by means of well-leveraged government investment. We implemented a plan to inve▓st an additional 4 trillion yuan

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bs were created. The per capita

more than in the previous yea▓r's budget. Of this, 44% was invested in low-income housing, projects to improve the wellbeing of rural residents, and social programs; 16% in

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disposable income of urban res

23% in major infrastructure projects; and 14% in post-Wenchua▓n earthquake recovery and reconstruction. Fixed as▓set investment increased 30.1% nationwide. We further improved th

idents was 17,17

e investment structure. Rapid investment growth▓ effectively compensated for the shortfall created by s▓hrinking external demand, strengthened weak links, and laid a solid foundation for long-term economic and social

5 yuan, and the net pe

development. We accelerated the post-Wenchuan earthquake r▓ecovery and reconstruction work. We have already i▓nvested 654.5 billion yuan, 65.5% of the total planned investment, in the worst hit areas. Thanks to the government▓'s strong support,

r capita income?/h4>

8% and 8.5% resp


ectively in real

terms. We took another steady s
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